How to move toward financial freedom

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Hello again, readers. I wanted to speak again on the importance of maintaining a fulfilling life while keeping within your budget. Yesterday I provided you with a couple of interesting resources for eating well on a budget, and even maintaining a diet plan while doing so. There was a healthy eating blog and even a […]

Is it possible to eat well on a strict budget?

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Hello again, dear readers. Yesterday I spoke about ways you can shop for clothing so that you can still dress somewhat luxuriously without breaking the bank. Here’s a link to yesterday’s article for those who missed it. Today’s topic is finding ways to eat well and live healthy without spending more than your budget allows […]

The best finance apps of 2017

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Hello again. Today I’d like to showcase a few mobile apps I’ve shared with a few of my coaching clients here recently. As you may very well know, there are now apps for just about anything you can imagine.

How to prepare yourself to save money

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Hello there, This is the first of an installment of articles pertaining to gaining financial independence. Something that many people ask about is how they can begin to cut excessive expenditures. This is a rather profound question and doesn’t lend itself well to answering in a few words alone, so we’ve decided to tackle it […]

We’re back!

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Hello everybody, After a long hiatus and regrouping the Hedley Group is back with a whole new purpose and mission statement! We’ve focused on Forex trading and stock values for many since since our inception in 1997, and now with help from the fantastic Vera Caplan we’re ready to give back to the world. So […]